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Purpose (s) of the project / information:

The main goal of the project proposal is the implementation of the target area under the project of 3 initiatives to reduce the amount of waste in the marine environment from land sources and on this basis, the development and implementation of 2 educational campaigns and 1 national campaign to raise awareness of pollution of sea water.
To achieve the main goal of the project, the following 3 specific goals (SG) are defined:
SG№1 - improving the processes of monitoring and management of marine waters carried out along the Black Sea coast and the flowing river Aheloy, as well as the nearby lake in the Municipality of Pomorie by conducting analyzes and developing a system for protection of the marine environment from terrestrial sources of pollution from human activity in the target area of ​​the project;
SG№2 - conducting 2 educational campaigns: 1 for the sources of marine water pollution and initiatives for their reduction and 1 for the applicability and reuse of collected waste from the surface of the target water area under the project;
SG№3 - conducting 1 national campaign to raise awareness of marine water pollution. The interventions envisaged under the project are planned to be carried out in 3 target locations (target water area under the project), as follows:
• On the shores of the Black Sea, falling within the territorial scope of the municipality of Pomorie;
• In the river Aheloy, flowing into the Black Sea on the territory of the municipality of Pomorie - along the river Aheloy are located 1 town and 3 villages, incl. The village of Draganovo in the municipality of Burgas; The village of Medovo, the village of Alexandrovo and the town of Aheloy in the municipality of Pomorie, generating waste from terrestrial sources, taken by river to the Black Sea;
• In Pomorie Lake, which is a natural coastal lagoon located north of the town of Pomorie. The lake is separated from the Black Sea by natural sand hair (tombolo) and an artificial dike and only in its southern part there is a connecting channel through which the inflow and outflow of sea water takes place. Through the connecting canal, the waste from terrestrial sources entering the lake reaches the Black Sea waters.
As a result of the initial assessment of the state of the marine environment on the territory of the Bulgarian Black Sea, the following marine wastes have been identified: polyethylene bags, household plastics, industrial metal waste, abandoned gillnets, metal waste from ships and car tires (rubber waste) and others. The project affects those of the listed wastes that have the ability to float on the water surface, which are intended to be collected by special high-tech water drones and taken outside the relevant target area of ​​the project.
This project proposal complements the measures envisaged in the Marine Strategy for Environmental Protection in the Marine Waters of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Based on the above, the main and specific objectives of the project are in full compliance with the purpose of the call BGENVIRONMENT-2.003 under OOSKP.

This website was created within the framework of project No. BGENVIRONMENT-2.003-0006 "Reduction of marine waste from terrestrial sources in a target water area on the territory of the municipality of Pomorie in one with an educated and informed society in relation to the pollution of sea waters", which is implemented with financial support of the "Environmental Protection and Climate Change" Program of the FM of the EEA 2014-2021. All responsibility for the content of this website is borne by the beneficiary - Municipality of Pomorie and under no circumstances can it be assumed that it reflects the official opinion of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and/or the Program Operator of the Program "Protection of the Environment and Climate changes".